So much energy!

As we had just turned 30 we were still of that age where we went out with our friends, even went clubbing sometimes at the weekend. At that age you live in a kind of selfish state where you are learning about life and enjoying being young and fairly invincible! What we soon realised was we now had responsibilities for another (or in this case two) beings. We had effectively become parents! This changes your perspective on life in many ways.

So we had to do other things like walkies, feed the dogs, make sure we didn’t leave them for too long, take them to the vets sometimes etc. I don’t think we realised it straight away but our thoughts had now become like what a child’s parents we like. And one thing that made me feel really warm inside was when my girlfriend mentioned me when talking to the dogs as ‘daddy’!  Wow, I’d never thought about being a dad before. Neither me or my girlfriend wanted kids (though that changed later) and all we wanted was to live with our mutts.

In fact we loved getting out in the fresh air and going on adventures with our two. You meet new people, get healthy and explore new places around the countryside that you would never normally discover. Whether we got covered in mud, soaked or fell over, it didn’t matter! We would all be out together, as a family!

two happy lurcher dogs in a field

And so to the title of this post – the energy!  We knew puppies had bags of energy but Belle and Lacey had it by the truck load!  Our living room was upstairs in our first house and it was a good size, so they would spend hours running around chasing each other, jumping over each other, bashing into our legs and generally having so much fun. Some times we’d turn the TV off just to watch them playing – it was so entertaining to watch! We have hours of video footage of them tearing the place up.

Another thing that sticks in my mind is the way they would shoot up and down the stairs at rocket speed! And they never fell over doing it, it was like four legs were super capable for steps. Often one would sit at the top of the stairs and the other at the bottom. They would just stare at each other and then all of a sudden one would charge up or down at the other. It was so much fun to watch, but they loved it even more.

Ok so now this was a bit of a trip down memory lane rambling post so sorry about that, but I love them so much it’s nice to share fond memories of your dogs isn’t it? Thanks 🙂

In the beginning…

It seems like such a long time ago now, but I clearly remember my girlfriend telling me that now she was going to become a yoga teacher, we would be able to have a dog as she would be at home a lot more. BOOM! It was like all my Christmases had come at once. Finally, we would have a dog.

I had had dogs all my life as my parents always ensured we had them – one Alsatian and four dobermans whilst me and my sister were growing up. And now we could have our own in our first house! I think it’s fair to say I didn’t sleep much that night…

So we ended up going to the local Dogs Trust rescue shelter and had a good look around. We had decided to go for one older dog but just couldn’t choose one we liked on the first visit. On the second visit there were a couple of young lurchers that looked mad and cute in equal measure. But they were young and we didn’t want two! The trouble was, I think they were intuitively calling us, as we just couldn’t get them out of our minds!

So a few days later we took our 9 month old lurcher sisters back to their new home at our house 🙂

And that is how it began – a journey of love, laughter and madness that continues to this day. This is Belle and Lacey…


lurcher dogs